All Day Menu

 Starters & Small Plates

Brown Ale French Onion $7

Provolone & Gruyere au gratin

Brown Ale Boulder $7

Provolone, Gruyere & Bleu cheese

Butternut Squash Soup $7

Shishito peppers, toasted pistachios. GF/V

Arugula $10

Whipped herb goat cheese, roasted beet vinaigrette, basil herb infused oil, candied beets, toasted almonds GF/V

Caesar $9

Smoked garlic Parmesan dressing, Gruyere crackers

Wedge Salad $10

Iceberg wedge, bacon lollipops, red onion, heirloom tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles, buttermilk ranch. GF/V

Autumn Salad $10

Bibb lettuce, dried cranberries, almonds, couscous, citrus vinaigrette, her croutons

Roasted Brussels Sprouts $9

Madeira cream, roasted pistachios, apple slaw, smoked salt GF/V

Gravlax $14

Smoked salmon, chive whipped cream cheese, pickles capers, sweet potato roll GF

Bacon Lollipops $8

Root beer BBQ

Kobe Sliders $10

American, root beer BBQ, house pickles

Wonton Dumplings $8

Maple Leaf duck confit, pepper jam, melted leeks, teriyaki jus

Pound of Wings $10

All natural chicken wings. Buffalo, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Chipotle, or Jameson Horseradish G

Burrata Plate $12

Cauliflower & arugula puree, bacon crackle, fried carrots GF

Steak Tagliata $13

6 oz. ribeye, duck fat potato confit, heirloom carrots GF

Totchos $11

Beer cheese sauce, bacon, sweet n’ spicy pepper jam, sour cream GF

Fried Smoked Paprika Calamari & Shishito Peppers $9

Miso ginger, queso fresco cheese

Buffalo Bakes Mac & Cheese $9

White cheddar popcorn wings, bleu cheese, smoked cheddar mornay

The Hangover $10

Smoked cheddar potatoes, chorizo sausage, roasted garlic crema, fried egg GF


Served with pickle & house made chips

Wild Mushroom Wrap $7

Red pepper, basil, goat cheese, kale, whole wheat wrap V

Chicken Confit Wrap $9

Avocado relish, smokehouse aioli, fried fingerlings

Falafel $7

Roasted garlic & pepper crema, tomato red onion confit, pita V

Short Rib Cheese Steak $10

Smoked cheddar sauce, caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes, ciabatta


Pork belly, garlic rosemary duck fat aioli, arugula, roma tomatoes, french bread

 PBLT GF option-sub with a gluten free roll







Cauliflower Flatbreads


Duck Confit & Bacon $12

Duck Rabbit beer caramelized onions, shishito peppers, fennel aioli

Garlic Hummus Flatbread $9

Carrots, Brussel sprouts, cucumber crema, fried chickpeas  

Ratatouille $10

Eggplant, zucchini pesto, Parmesan cheese, fried fingerlings

Southwest Chicken $12

Sliced grilled chicken breasts, smoked cheddar cheese, grilled pineapple salsa, jalapeno crema, crispy onions GF

Main Plates

Pan Roasted Salmon $20

Mushroom pate, herb goat cheese polenta, garlic jam GF

Pan Roasted Chicken $17

Lancaster airline chicken, house made butternut squash gnocchi, brown butter sage cream sauce, brie croutons, arugula

Short Ribs $19

Smoked cheddar potatoes, melted leeks, bourbon BBQ sauce

Stoudt Braised Pork Cheeks $15

Black garlic aioli, Gruyere potato pave, Vermont maple butter heirloom carrots

Steak Tagliata $22

10 oz. ribeye, duck fat potato confit, heirloom carrots.  GF

Grilled Shrimp $18

Poblano lentil creamed corn “risotto”, wilted field greens GF

Chicken Carbonara $17

Grilled chicken, bacon pops, pea & kale pesto, buckwheat noodles, egg yolk GF

Goat Cheese & Vegetable Strudel $15

Baked philo dough filled with goat cheese, roasted cauliflower and kale with red pepper puree and mushroom pate V


Served on a brioche bun with house cut fries, lettuce, tomato and a pickle

Front Street $12

Lettuce, tomato, red onion

Centre Square $14

White cheddar, bacon jam

Smoke House $14

Smoked gouda, bacon, smokehouse mayo

The Jester $14

Bleu cheese, bacon, tabasco aioli, Weyerbacher Tiny reduction sauce

Chipotle Black Bean $8

Teriyaki pickled cabbage slaw, fried fingerling 

Lamb Burger $14

Lamb burger mixed with Guinness onions and thyme, brioche bun

Impossible Burger $11

Plant based vegan “burger” with lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet potato bun VEGAN

Gluten Free Burger Option-sub a Gluten Free bun for any burger except the Lamb & Impossible burgers


Please note that consuming raw or under-cooked foods may
increase your chance of food borne illness.