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Our Kitchen Hours

Sunday 11:30- 9 PM (bar until 12 am)

Monday 11:30-9 (bar until 12 am)

Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday 4-9 PM (bar until 12 am)

Friday 11:30- 11 PM (bar until 2 am)

Saturday 11:30- 11 PM (bar until 2 am)



Our History

Built in 1869, 11 Centre Square, the building which houses Pearly Baker’s Ale House, has been a restaurant for nearly 70 years.  Originally built as Easton’s first YMCA, the building was converted into a GE store in the early nineteen hundreds before opening as the Manhattan Club in the Forties.  It was during this time that 9,000 hand-cut lead Czech crystals were fabricated by the Easton Lighting Company into the dining room chandelier.  In the Eighties, Charlie’s Bar took over the building & operated until 1994, when Pearly Baker’s Ale House was established.

Our Future

Pearly Baker’s is twenty-eight years young, but still learning.  We strive to be a better neighbor to our community & to the Earth.  Our fryer oil is turned into fuel.  Our take-out containers, bags & straws are vegetable-based.  Our Chef is working with local farmers to bring fresh & local ingredients to the table.  We are training our staff to be more Earth conscious. We model our business ethics after the same ideas & standards practiced at home.