Restaurant Week July 22nd to 29th

Menu is available prix fixe $22, or a la carte (prices listed per item, salads a la carte are large, prixe fix, starters)

First Course

Small Plates & Starters

French Onion Soup $7

Provolone & Gruyere au gratin or Boulder style, adding Bleu cheese

Arugula Salad $10 GF/V

Whipped herb goat cheese, roasted beet vinaigrette, basil herb infused oil, candied beets, toasted almonds

Southwest Chicken $10

Black bean corn relish, romaine, queso fresco, sambal pepper dressing, fried wontons

Caesar $9

Smoked garlic Parmesan dressing, tuile cracker

Ramen Gnocchi $11

Bacon wrapped scallops, peas, fried egg truffle cheese, Asian jus

Cauliflower Fritters GF/V $6

Sambal mornay

Wonton Dumplings $8

Duck confit, melted leeks, sweet & spicy pepper jam, lotus root crisp, Asian jus

BBQ Steak Tartar $11

Teriyaki cabbage & field greens slaw, micros, toasted baguette

Kobe Sliders $8

Root beer BBQ, American cheese, house pickles

Tatchos $11

Sausage gravy, pork belly crisp. tomato relish

Pound Of Wings $10

All natural chicken wings, Buffalo, BBQ, Parmesan, Honey Chipotle or Jameson Horseradish


Lobster $14

Mornay sauce, cheddar cheese

Ratatouille $8

Eggplant & zucchini pesto, Parmesan cheese, fried fingerlings

Baja Chicken $11

Smoked cheddar, grilled pineapple salsa, jalapeno crema, fried spring roll crisp

Cauliflower Pizza GF/V $12

Kale, queso fresco, wild mushrooms, roasted red peppers

Second Course

Sandwiches, Burgers and Main Plates

Smoke House Burger $12

Gouda cheese, bacon, smokehouse mayo, ff’s

Centre Square Burger $12

Cave aged cheddar, bacon jam, ff’s

Chipotle Black Bean Burger $7 V

Teriyaki pickled cabbage, fried fingerlings, ff’s

Chicken Confit $9

Avocado relish, siracha aioli, fried fingerlings, ciabatta, chips

Wild Mushroom Wrap $7 V

Red peppers, basil, goat cheese, kale, whole wheat wrap, chips

Short Rib Cheese Steak $9

Smoked cheddar sauce, caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes, ciabatta, chips

Tomato Pappardelle $17 V

Hen of the woods, crimini mushrooms, roasted garlic pepper crema, house made caraway toast, pecorino cheese

Shrimp $16

Poblano lentil creamed corn risotto, wilted field greens

Short Ribs $18

Smoked cheddar potatoes, melted leeks, bourbon blackberry BBQ sauce

Pan Roasted Salmon $19

Toasted orzo, tomato red onion confit, citrus balsamic

Grilled 6 oz. Ribeye $14

Roasted garlic butter tossed fingerling potatoes, wilted Swiss Chard